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Welcome Heatherwhytexx

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Hi heatherwhytexx!

From myself and all at the Dark Blues, I would like to offer you a ....... Big, Genuine, Friendly, Warm, Welcome to the TDB Forum.

Maybe we are no always totally free of the odd nippy comments in some posts, but all of us, mods and members, make sure it does not get out of hand. And basically, if I am being honest, there is something satisfying in being a member of a forum, knowing where we are all decent, loyal DFC fans and supporters and here to welcome another DFC and Dark Blue Member.

So, if you feel you need to, take your time to check out posts, comments, discussions, debates...........there is a lot there to digest. But when you do have the time and inclination, if you have not already done so, pop in that first post.

Some new members/posters are eager to get their first post into the main body of the forum (and that is fine) others who are maybe new to forums, are maybe a wee bit unsure.

However, whatever way you describe yourself..... a new, or experienced forum poster, it might help you, (and certainly, us as well) if you could drop a wee post, maybe about yourself, or what made you want to join The Dark Blues, or in fact anything at all that takes your fancy, in this new introductory section of the DB Forum.

This we hope, will not only make it easier for yourself, but also give other members, a personal opportunity to welcome yourself and have a wee bit banter. If you decide to post........ I can guarantee you will get a response.

(Maybe even fae the boss. He is considering cutting doon his working day to 20 hours. So you are helping him keep busy)

On a more serious note, if you have any questions or suggestions, let's hear them.

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Welcome aboard! :)

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(Just as well your C&P-ing these welcomes GeDee - you'll have your fingers worn out soon with the new interest in the site!)


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Absolutely Joe ..... And the momentum leading up to yesterday's victory, means The Dark Blues, and the surge of new members signing up to our Dab Free Forum, as far as I am concerned, Our Great Dundee FC and TDB are rapidly and steadily on our way to greater things.

Anither wee mair personal welcome Heather to yourself, and all the new members of the Dark Blues, who have decided to join us.

To all members ........Keep the welcoming posts coming lads and lasses.  We ken this is the Best DFC Forum tae be on :)

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