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Former Dundee Keeper Sacked By United After Derby Comments

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Former Dundee goalie Derek Soutar has been sacked by Dundee United’s Youth Academy for taking to social media to support his old club in last week’s derby.

For  the past 14 months Soutar has helped United with keepers aged between 10 and 17 but, just hours after the Dark Blues’ 3-1 victory on Wednesday, was told his services were no longer required.

He believes that’s because he took to Facebook to praise Dundee. Shortly before kick-off he posted: “Great feeling to play in the last derby victory but here’s hoping tonight’s Dundee team will be the next to taste victory.”

That was a reference to being in the side that won 2-1 in 2004, the last success before an 11-year derby drought. Shortly after the game he posted: “If only Carlsberg did Wednesdays.” The next day he was told he was no longer needed. “I had a call from Brian Grant (United youth coach) at eight o’clock on Thursday but couldn’t take it because I was at work,” he said. “I got back to him about 7.30 that night and he said they wouldn’t be using me any more.

“Grant said it was because I’d been putting things on Facebook that were disrespectful to the club and other coaches were complaining. “He said there had been things in the past I’d posted they weren’t happy with but you’re talking banter with United fans whose kids I worked with. “But banter’s all it is and I take as well as give. I’m sure if United had won last week I wouldn’t have got the call.

“I find it petty. I’ve never been disrespectful and I’ve done my best for United and, most of all, the kids. “I’m laughing about it but the serious side is I’ve had parents contact me to say they’re gutted because their sons enjoyed working with me.”

Soutar runs his own coaching school and has produced young keepers for the likes of Aberdeen, Dundee, Forfar and United. He insists if more get the chance to go to Tannadice it won’t be a problem. “Nothing’s going to change. If a club like United want one of my keepers I’ll encourage them to go. “It’s about what’s good for the kid, not who I support.

“But I’m a Dundee fan and my support isn’t going to change.

“I’ve never been disrespectful, I’ve only had a laugh.”

When contacted by the Tele, Dundee United declined to comment.

Source: The Evening Telegraph

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