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The "Why Hasnt Jim Thomson Resigned Or Been Dismissed?" Topic Removed.

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Recently we have been really relaxed on the deleting or closing topics/posts, in fact in most cases the only posts that we normally hide are double posts and the credit goes to you guys for this. So thank you for playing fair :)

However, today I felt it necessary to remove the topic 'Why Hasn't Jim Thomson Resigned Or Been Dismissed?' because it broke our guidelines regarding non playing staff. Personal attacks against non playing staff on these forums is strictly forbidden, as this could end up in a civil law suit against this website and I am not prepared to foot the bill on this. In a nut shell, If you you have a grievence against any non playing member of the Dundee Football Staff, please take this up personally with the club and not in a public message board.

5. Do not post personal, real-life information such as home addresses and home phone numbers. Posts mentioning non playing Dundee FC staff maybe removed and any posts that file grievances about Non playing DFC that name them personally will result in a warning. While the BOD/Management Team/Players are fair game, DFC back-room staff are out of public domain and out of bounds. Any unsettled or settled grievances should remain personal between Dundee FC and yourself, and should not be made public within the forum.

Thank-you for your understanding on this matter.


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