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Nelms Believes PH Can Bring Us Silverware

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In Scottish football terms, American John Nelms remains a recent arrival. But don’t mistake new for naive. That’s because the director of football at Dundee already has a fair idea of how the game on this side of the Atlantic works. He knows getting Paul Hartley to sign a new three-year contract won’t stop prying eyes from bigger clubs if or, as he prefers to put it, when, the manager’s success at Dens Park continues.

Nelms is just as firm in his belief one day his team boss will move to a larger outfit but he’s confident that’s not going to be for the foreseeable future. His strong suspicion is, when Hartley does go, he’ll be leaving behind some silverware.   :D

That explains why Nelms and the Dark Blues directors were so delighted to fix up the man he describes as the “cornerstone†of their plans on a lengthy deal.

“Paul is fantastic. He is the anchor of the organisation, so this is fantastic for the operation as we build for the future,†he said. “I guess a better term for him would be cornerstone to the foundations we are building. That’s why it was important we agreed this new contract.

“I know it will not stop other clubs looking at him, or our players who are doing well for that matter, and that’s the kind of news you learn to live with in football. “As he develops as a manager, and people forget he is still a young manager, Paul will go on to bigger clubs. “I’m not going to say better but one day he will go on to bigger because that’s the nature of a good football manager’s career. “At that point in time, you’d wish him the best and hope he’d talk about Dundee as one of the places he built his trade, perfected it and had fond memories of lifting silverware here.â€

The bond the two have means he’s sure that day won’t come for a while. That explains why there was a period of six months between opening talks on the improved deal and it being signed on Friday.

“We have a fantastic relationship, so there was no need to rush this. We’ve actually had this contract on the table for quite some time but other things, particularly football, put it to the side from time to time.

“We were both very comfortable with that, knowing we would get to it at some point, and finally we have.â€

Other than give them time to sit down and finalise things, Nelms revealed reaching the top six of the Premiership for the first time in 12 years played only a tiny part in the decision to get Hartley tied up.

“The top six had not a lot to do with the contract other than the actual timing of the split. A free weekend gave us time to get together and say let’s do it. But this was always going to happen.â€

Looking at the work the manager’s put in, Nelms concedes he’d struggle to be more impressed.

He’s convinced Dundee have the best young manager around. “Paul’s got a lot of attributes and his biggest is the way he prepares for a game. I don’t think anyone prepares the way he does. He’s here pretty much all the time. If he’s not, he’s out looking for players. “If you do that the way he does, you are going to be successful. “We’ll talk to each other here or on the phone anywhere from six in the morning to 11 or 12 o’clock at night — those are the hours he puts in. “His work ethic has impressed and the other thing he has is a winning mentality. A winning mentality breeds a winning mentality. It attracts it and that’s what he has.

“Once you find someone like that, you try to bring them into your organisation, then keep them part of it.â€


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John Nelms (and others, if they are so inclined) should come out with articles of that quality, more often.

Although not over- revealing, it does confirm, what most of us have hoped for, that relationships are good, Dundee FC are in good health, and every one at the Club, is working to establish ourseves as the "Premier Club in Dundee"

........  They didnae say that last bit. But it cheers me up tae keep saying that :)

Taking seriously public relations and communication from Club to fans, and fans to Club ......  is the only way to go (imo)

I have maybe went on a bit too much aboot this in the past. But for many fans, who cannot get to games .....each piece o' news, gossip, or even rumour, is a lifeline and a connection to the Club we love.

I thought that professional feature from John Nelms was exactly right.

Thank you to John, Paul and Ringo.

Sorry meant, JN, PH.  And all at the Club.


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