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The Dark Blues
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D.F.C......As Vows Are Now In Style, Is Now The Time......?

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Firstly, weel done to DFC, PH, the Team and all the Background Staff, and Supporters at the Game for giving us DFC Supporters and Fans, at home, and at the game, plenty to cheer about yesterday.

I know it is only one game and all that, but .....

A 4-0 victory, away from home, against a rival team in the same division, on the first day of the season, is for me, and other DFC fans, plenty to cheer about :)  

Especially when it is backed up by a determined, classy, professional team and individual players performances.

It is possible to get a bit over excited about a DFC victory, but the general feeling and concensus (imo), does seem to be ..... At last we (PH) are showing real signs of building a squad that can really go places. Maybe even stage two at least, of a "work in progress"

So back to this VOW ......

No realy expecting the BOD to make any silly statements/vows, and I also know, communication and interaction wi' the DFC Fans and Supporters disnae appear to be their strongest point, but this might be a time (especially after yesterday) for them to be thanking the fans for their continued support of Oor Great Club.

But as importantly, or maybe even more importantly, is this no the time to make a statement of intent, for what lies ahead for DFC ?

A simple recognition of what are their future plans are for Our Club ..... They must know by now, that in being involved with DFC, they have one of the best, loyal, supported clubs in Scotland. And in my opinion, there is even now, a greater potential to grow even more..

If DFC could only (even now and again) put out a statement reflecting this, they would soon see how strong a support DFC has.

At this time however, what I would like to see/hear from DFC, BOD, is a statement confirming their ambitions for our club.

And at the same time categorically state, that they will be doing everything in their power to to hold on to/and help PH, to develop further our playing squad .... and our manager and players, are NOT FOR SALE.

Selling players cheap for a quick profit is not the way to build a team (or a strong support) as oor neighbours will soon find oot, to their cost this season !!

I don't need to be reminded by anyone .... yesterday was only one game......... I know that.

But another few more performances like that, other clubs will definitely come around "sniffing" for PH and our key players.

Now is the time (imo) for the BOD to make clear to DFC fans and supporters and other Clubs.

"We are an ambitious club ......And NOBODY at our club are going anywhere ..... NOW ...... or in the near future"

C'mon the DEES :)

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