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CW 90+3 02/05/16


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Just in. Not read any posts yet.

Read anything negative about our play in the last week? It happened today.

Slow. Lack of imagination. Zero width. pass the ball sideways and back the way to death. No imagination. Hemmings isolated. Irvine had a nightmare. Bain lacking confidence and so on...

Wtf has happened to us from that dangerous exciting attacking team first few games?

Got out of jail today thanks to a great finsih from Hemmings. Nothing on the bench again.

Went from the most excited i've been about us in 12 or 15 years a few games ago to worried about how it's going to be a long hard difficult season in the last few.

Relieved to get the point but that was terrible today. Not good enough.

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Teams are now setting out to kick us off the park. Clear tactic.

They were also all over the ref at every break in play.

Absolutely diabolical stuff from Hughes but Hartley must now realise that is what we're going to get every game.

We need to wisen up.

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We need to toughen up

Hartley's brought in boys that try to play but it's clear now that teams will just kick us all game.

Another example yesterday of how Hearts won't accept any decisions against them. We need to do likewise with the treatment we're getting.

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