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Ghost Town : A Time When Gigs Were Violent

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In the 1970s and 1980s rock concerts, like football matches could be dangerous events to attend.

These days gig-going is a generally peaceable business. Dads go with lads, mums with their daughters, or vice versa - to quote Sly Stone, it's a family affair.
But it wasn't always like that.

More ...

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Pssstt... link doesn;t go anywhere other than that post!   :)

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Good link!

You *could* take form the content of the article that the reason gigs are so passive these days is that most popular music is so homogenized that there isn't the polar shift between 'tribes', as it were.

Punks, Mods, Skins and Rockers still exist, but not in any great numbers, and (other really than Metal/Rock - who used to fight amongst themselves!) there aren't too many gigs catering solely to those genres which have the same 'powder-keg' quality anymore.

Those who grew up in that era chose their sides.

As we aged, parts of the 'enemies' music drifted into our consciousness and we grudgingly accepted it wasn't *all crap*

And with that age and 'wisdom' came the falling away of the violence inherent to the tribal nature of the times.

I would argue that it hasn't been an ongoing process with subsequent generations as (as I said above) the industry has moved away from extremes for the most part.

'Business' won't allow anything too against the grain to survive, so anything new or niche stays in their niche - the tribes don't get the opportunity to gather and grow.

And that also explains why gigs are now 'family affairs' - my dad wouldn't have been seen dead at Whitesnake concert (for example) in the same way that I wouldn't be seen dead at a Meghan Trainor 'gig'. 'Modern' Music (for the most part has lost it's passion and thanks to having to toe 'business' lines, it rails against nothing. We had bands from every spectrum shouting against the establishment (and even the businesses which made money from them) But the 'Big Issue' points have fallen away.

Racism is not nearly the problem that it was then, Nazis are few and far between, Thatcher is dead...

I guess unless bands start to split down Nationalist / Union lines then there's not much for the audience to be riled about...

(You know... if I actually took time to edit and expand on this, I think it would make not a bad wee article!! :)  )

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Good synopsis of the general state of the music scene, Joe.

I worry for the youth of today, they've got absolutely no counter culture, identity or beliefs and the music is complete tosh.  And they're soft as ....  :ph34r:

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