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Why Do Some Posts Get Deleted?

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Recently we have come under some criticism for the way that we moderate here at the DarkBlues, some rightly so and some not. One of the main questions are regarding why we delete posts or topics, hopefully I can answer a few of those right now for you.

Hiding Topics/Posts

Firstly, we never ever delete topics/posts, we actually only hide them; this is so we can return them if needed if a member disputes the decision and wins. We have a policy that all members can ask why their posts were deleted and we will give you our reason for doing so. If you disagree with that decision, it will then go to a panel who will then decided whether or not the decision stands or not.
You can use this Contact Form to ask why we have either removed your topics or posts.
The only reason we will ever delete a post if it breaks our community guidelines, nothing more nothing less. We WONT remove topics that we do not like, for personal reason or gain or because we don't like you. Some of the main reasons are, but not limited to:

  1. Any topics or posts that discuss forum moderation matters (why did you delete this, warn or ban type questions). These types of questions will be removed without warning. This not because we are tying to hide anything, we just feel that it's not fair to splatter the fact that a member has been warned or banned all over the forum. It's between the member concerned and us alone. I think that is only fair and it would break our own privacy policy doing so.
  2. Any post that incites hatred, violence or threatens another members or staff members, excessive use of bad language, any topics/posts that are libel or slanderous, any topics/posts that contain links/images that would be deemed offensive or not in good taste or links to illegal content or software/warez.
  3. Any topics/posts that is copyrighted material, this includes comments or posts from other forums or websites. Social media website are excluded from this.
  4. Duplicate Topics or Posts.

If we have to remove your topic/post, we will send you an explanation via private message or email and if you feel it is unjust you are more than welcome to ask us to review our reasons for doing so.

We do understand that our members don't like getting their posts deleted, we don't like having to delete your posts either, but sometimes we have to do it, it's not personal or for our fun.



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Thank you John for the fuller explanation above. From a personal level I appreciate the time and detail given to the reasons behind it.

I have been fortunate enough to have had only a couple of my posts "vanish", and I don't know if this is the normal procedure on forums, to send out the reason why they were "hidden" but certainly in my own case, I appreciated someone taking the time to explain the reason behind it....... and I am sure most posters are of the same mind.

Others may disagree, but I think TDB forum arrived at exactly the right time. And maybe a wee bit congrats is in order (no too much mind) tae Admin, Mods, Staff, (and oorselves as weel of coorse) for awe the time and effort given in it's launch, and awe the extra work involved to improve and keep it on track.

Eh'm no expert at all on forums. But personally I am grateful to the guys who have worked so hard in offering a guid forum fot awe decent DFC fans/supporters.

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