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So Is Dfc (And Ph) Going Along Fine In The Right Direction ?


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 Are you all happy with the general progress we are making ?

This is a genuine, general question, to hear the views o' decent DFC Fans and Supporters, who ken a lot mair than me, aboot the Players and the Club. So although we will all have our own views of the progress (or otherwise) of Our Club, Our Manager and Our Players, there is no need at all for this topic, tae develop this into a personal slanging match.

But if a few posters decide to offer views and comments, we might learn something ..... and be better for it.

With regard to our Club, I do think we are going steadily ahead. I do think ambitious plans are on the table. In financial terms, I think we are in safe hands. But I would love there to be more communication and interaction with the fans No wanting tae ken aboot awe the Club's secret plans taking place ....  (weel eh do, but that's 'cause I am jist nosey)     But I think they could be more open.

With Regard to PH mostly we all appreciate where he is trying to take us. I think overall he is going to get us there. But I respect others who may think differently. There has I think been more recently, questions about some of his recent decisions, tactics etc. I think that should be welcomed here on the forum. As long as it does not become over focused on his attributes, or faults, and then develops into a personal slanging match between good posters/fans, or into a witchhunt.

DFC Players ..... Most posters on here get to many live games, both at home and away. And reading the posts on here, it's right enough, we're no short o "experts"   I get to very few games, but one way or another I see Live Streams, TV  highlights, Reports, Posts of course on here, etc, which give me a good overall picture (but maybe no all the specific details of games and players. That said, I do think  DFC under PH (with the budget available) is going the right way to develop a good pool of fast skilful attacking forwards (which augurs well for the future of our Club. But I am no sure if PH has been able to transfer the same skills into our defensive squad. Or of course, it may simply be he can only do what he can do on the limited budget available ......He certainly seems to have an eye for a a good attacking forward from the lower divisions.

But looking at the whole picture I do think we are going the right way. So let's beat 'Well on Saturday and keep on track :)

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Our table placing speaks for itself.

We've gone from being stuck in the 2nd level to being mid table for the first few months of this season.

Anyone who is unhappy at that must have short memories.  :)

On the flip-side.

The club seems to be as unresponsive and 'cut-off' from its support as ever.

I was hoping that with Tommy being put in place as online guru that all things web-ish would be handled.

But still the website is a nightmare to navigate, and its upkeep is spotty at best.

Any actual information on the site is next to impossible to find.

Communications with the club are awful.

Stories abound with unreplied to emails etc.

(I have been waiting for a month now for a reply to a simple question I asked-nothing contentious, just a simple question regarding match days.)

On the park we're seeing some of the nicest play we've seen for a while.

Off the park, it is (sadly) business as usual - and that sort of mindset is NOT good for our club "moving forward".

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Agree with Joe, on field we're probably where we 'should be' (not that we're entitled to anything) but FPS seem to be pretty crap at spreading the gospel, a bit disappointing really, I had hoped for more openness. Without trying to drag the thread off course, I guess they're perceived treatment of the Society is an indication of how they want to control things.

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We missed an opportunity to build on the massive feel good factor immediately after promotion.

Probably the Derby thumpings did not help?

I feel we could do more to encourage young fans to come to Dens, I'm talking about the kind of things American sports excel at.(Free Favours, Meet the players etc)

It's strange our Directors have not implemented this kind of initiative.

On the playing side we have made progress, although it has been sluggish.

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Gedee, on 12 Sept 2015 - 2:57 PM, said:snapback.png

Thanks for the update nemsa' .... I will email them (and hope I get a response)

Maybe like the commentary on  games, the away streaming has got the heave as weel :(

Let us know if you get a response from the club please Gedee

Referring to Billy's post NO.5 ..... " Amateurs at communicating, I am waiting for an email reply from a month ago"

Altho' not wishing to focus on only one aspect of my opening topic, or appear too negative, I have inc. above one of my own posts (dated 12th Sept)

I did email the Club the same day (or maybe the following day) But I am sorry to say, have had NO response.    

So nemsa' in answer to your post..... "Let us know if you get a response ....."  the answer is, as above, ..NO.

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Frustrating at times but we're heading in the right direction.

Short and sweet but you've summed it up for me as well Gnasher..

Areas requiring attention on the park:

Defensive capabilities


Height & Strength

Managers Repeat tactical howlers

Areas off the park requiring attention:

Pricing / ticketing policy - attracting supporters back rather than discouraging them to attend

Stadium buy back or move situation

Training facilities

Youth development progress

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Just curious ..... I don't think I really am going off-topic here, but do you think those at DFC ever read threads like this ?

Just using the last post (Boba's) as an example, There is plenty there for the Board and Ph to respond to.

None of the responses have in any way been aggressive in the manner they have been written.

Would not expect either to divulge detailed plans of what the future holds for DFC.

Come away Mr Nelms, let's have a wee bit effort to get to know us.

The "ither lot" dinnae ken whit they are daein' the noo !!

Opportunity is now to turn up the volume.

Americans, leaders in the PR field.

Time is right now for DFC

Let's do it together.

Mon the Dee.

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I think our club has been badly run for 40 years and it is going to take longer than a year and a bit in the top league to get us back to the

standing we had 40 years ago.We have come a long way in a short time and only by sticking together will we get to where we want to be.

Progress on the park is a lot better than what I thought we would achieve when we won promotion and I hope that we continue to move forward at the same rate as we are now for a better future.

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Re: Training facilities we are renting out the new one at Caird Park that will get built in two years time, to me that is progress. However agree with a lot of what is being said.

We've never had any detail from the club on this.. Only a statement from Dundee CIty Council posted on the clubs website. It sounds great in principle but there is still lots to learn and understand about what's being proposed.

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