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    • By Alternative
      The vote for an independent review of the SPFL,s actions is on Tuesday, how do you want Dundee to vote?
      Granted Sevco did not have the proverbial "smoking gun" but there are so many instances of clubs being put under pressure and conflicting stories that I hope we vote for an inquiry, if clubs don't stand up and be counted this crap will just go on and on.
    • By andrak
      With all the talk of bailing out airlines, travel copmapnies, small businesses of every description, and even some local governments, it struck me that no one has mentioned bailing out football clubs. I imagine funding will be found for the arts and ancillary businesses, so why not football clubs.
      My own feeling is that the SPFL (by which I mean Celtic and Rangers) would rather swap their religious allegiances than allow any sort of government involvement in their little pyramid scheme. If the Scottish Government were to provide funding for struggling clubs, they would surely want to see some of the blatant monopolistic practices (voting rights, funds distribution formulae, TV deals, etc etc) and inequities (home gates kept, influence over decision making, etc etc) altered as a condition.
      I have long felt that successive Scottish Governments have avoided this so as not to get into a row with the big two that would almost inevitably not end well for the party concerned at the ballot box once the respective PR machines were set loose.
      Another indication of this is the potential backlash against the First Minister's suggestion that even playing behind closed doors might not be permitted because of the risk. Neil McCann seems to be suggesting that imposing such a rule would harm clubs
      It just shows for me how far down we have sunk that not even the national government can take on the footballing elite in this country (and others no doubt) for fear of upsetting the fans of certain clubs.
      The argument that Football is private business doesn't hold here because private businesses in so many other economic and entertainment areas are boldly holding their hands out and are prepared to make whatever changes are demanded. It is not coincidence that the biggest club in the country simply doesn't need any financial support from Government or anyone else.
      By the way, something else I find shameful is that Celtic could have donated £1m to lower league clubs and barely noticed it in their bank account. Instead they chose to watch the recent voting fiasco unfold safe in the knowledge that the funding crisis that precipitated it didn't affect them and that they would in any case receive the lions share of the funding available. They should have foregone their allocation and put it into an emergency funding pot for lower league clubs.
    • By TheDarkBlues
      St Mirren Park, also known as Paisley 2021 Stadium for sponsorship reasons, is a football stadium in Paisley, Scotland. It is the home of St Mirren. The stadium is the sixth home of the club and replaced Love Street. The stadium was renamed "Paisley 2021 Stadium" to help promote Paisley's bid to become a UK City of Culture in 2021.
      Talks over a new stadium began on 15 January 2003, when the club met representatives from Aldi and Lidl. The club were looking to sell their ground at Love Street for retail development. Selling Love Street would secure the necessary funding to build the new stadium.

      Planning applications for a retail development at Love Street were passed on 24 May 2005 and the club subsequently sold the ground to Tesco on 25 April 2007 for £15 million. The new stadium site broke ground on 7 January 2008 and was officially opened on 31 January 2009 at a cost of £8 million.

      Before the first game at the new stadium there was a parade from Love Street to Greenhill Road to celebrate the opening of the stadium. Club chairman Stewart Gilmour and First Minister Alex Salmond were also present at the first match at the new ground. Alex Salmond unveiled a plaque before the game to commemorate the opening. The game between St Mirren and Kilmarnock finished in a 1–1 draw, with the first goal at the new stadium being scored by Kilmarnock striker Kevin Kyle. Dennis Wyness scored St Mirren's first goal at the new ground, in the same match.

      The opening match set the record attendance of 7,542, a record which still stands. St Mirren Park has also become the regular home of the Scotland national under-21 football team.
      In November 2015, St Mirren agreed a two-year sponsorship deal with Renfrewshire Council to rename the stadium as the Paisley 2021 Stadium. This was to promote Paisley's bid to become a UK City of Culture in 2021.
    • By TheDarkBlues
      Eamonn Brophy’s 54th minute spot-kick saw Kilmarnock win a third game in a row after coming from behind.
    • By TheDarkBlues
      Bozanic, Naismith and Maclean got the goals as Hearts comfortably extended their lead at the top with a 3-0 win over bottom club Dundee.
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